Education: Zim Cartooning Course Volume 4


Zim first published his cartooning course in 1914 and revised it in 1920. We have compiled all of the information from both editions into four e-books for our membership. Along with the course, we have included full page color cartoons by Zim from the pages of Judge magazine. We are proud to have been able to bring the entire Zim Cartooning Course to you as downloadable high resolution e-books. This PDF e-book is optimized for display on the iPad or printing two up with a cover on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper.

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Eugene Zimmerman, better known simply as “Zim” was one of cartooning’s most important figures, but he is rarely mentioned in current histories of the medium. This is unfortunate, because Zim wasn’t just a great caricaturist and cartoonist, he was a great educator as well.

The “Zim Correspondence School of Comic Art and Caricature” packs a lifetime of experience into twenty small booklets. There are no chapters or formal lessons, just common-sense advice and lots and lots of brilliant drawings. Zim teaches his students the same way he learned his trade, one step at a time. Each page is a self-contained bit of sagely advice, intended to be studied a page or two a day. As readers work their way though the course over the span of a year, the information accumulates, gradually transforming them from a talented amateur to a seasoned professional artist. No one was more qualified to teach students how to think like an artist than Eugene Zimmerman.


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